480£ London - Cancun

Warm up in the winter months on the beautiful beaches of Mexico just for 480£

Now you can book a flight for the winter months from London to Mexico’s Yucatan. Flight is to Cancun, which is the best place to start your journey to perfect beaches.

Don´t miss this oportunity travel to exotic Mexico during cold winter months. Leave them and stay in pleasant weather, have a drink on a beach and enjoy the winter time 🙂

Canada Air allow one  piece of baggage carry-on up to 43 x 33 x 16 cm and one checked baggage maximum weight of 23kg (50lb) and dimensions 55 x 40 x 23 cm  43 x 33 x 16 cm

Book flight from London to Cancun (Mexico)

Mexico is a beautiful landscape and Yucatan has the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. Seaside cyanide in the sea, Aztec pyramids, flooded cave cenotec, or great food. This is Mexico that you can experience. Recommended places to visit – Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulm.

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