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Qantas is an Australian airline based in Sydney. It is the largest Australian airline and also the second-oldest, since November 16, 1920 continuously operating airline in the world.


Qantas flight to the world across five continents. Its flights are characterized by superior service. On domestic flights, they provide transportation in any city, even in the smallest. Qantas has provided the best airplanes for international flights, such as the A380 or B777. Every flight is comfortable. Click below to find flight tickets with them.


Hand baggage is free on all routes with maximum dimensions up to 56 x 36 x 23 cm and weight up to 7 kg. The handbag, laptop bag or duty-free plastic bag are commonly tolerated as the second baggage.

Checked baggage is free for all flights. One piece is permitted on national routes with a maximum weight of 23 kg. Two luggage with a maximum weight of 23 kg are allowed on international flights to North and South America. For international flights with the exception of North and South America, there is no reduction in luggage, but only luggage weight up to max. 30 kg.

Travel with pets need a registration, which you can also do here.

Sport equipments like bikes, ski or golf bags and other sports gear are permitted depending on the flight and according to the rules of the checked baggage


The entertainment system on board is free, but it depends on the type of flight if the system is available in aircraft. For international flights, there is a monitor in each seat.

On all domestic flights are a matter of course breakfast boxes and refreshment options. When you fly overseas, you’ll enjoy the freshest seasonal flavours and larger portions in every cabin, accompanied with award-winning wines.

Fast and free inflight Wi-Fi to 80 of Australian domestic fleet of B737’s and A330’s.

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