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Flag ship between airlines. Group with many subsidiaries located at Singapore Changi Airport.


Singapore Airlines flies to 62 destinations in 32 countries on five continents. On long-haul flights, they use mainly Airbus A380 and Boeing 777, which provide a high level of comfort during flight.


Singapore Airlines allows in economy class one hand baggage of size maximum 55x40x20 cm (22x16x8 inches) and start in economy class from 7kg. In business and first class, you are allows two hand baggage. In both classes, a laptop, camera, or handbag bag is allowed. For non-US flights in the economy class, the checked baggage is not included in the price. For flights to and from USA, there is allowed two checked baggages up to 23kg and must not exceed 158cm (62 inches)

Sports equipment up to 32 kg is counted as regular luggage and if you travel only with it, you pay no charge.


The entertainment system offers a selection of the latest blockbusters, TV shows, or flight informations on monitor in each seat

Whether it’s religion, diet, an allergy or a teething toddler, a selection of special meals is available for your request whenever you fly with Singapore Airlines. On all flights they offer in minimum hot meal.

Singapore Airlines is renowned for its first class. On Airbus A380 offer unprecedented comfort in the seat or in my own purchase.

If your transit of more than 5,5 hours, a city tour organized by the airline itself can be arranged. The tour duration is 2,5 hours and believe, that the city is worth to see.

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