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King of low-cost airlines. With its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Southwest is still the world’s largest low-cost airline. It has a very dense network of connections. You can find an airline in almost every US city.


Southwest uses only one type of aircraft. Boeing B737. The company has become the largest operator of these aircraft in the world. They own more than 700 units. The Southwest fly in main time also every half-hour from the same destination, which means that the aircrafts has an average of 6 flights a day.


Hand baggage is allowed with the maximum dimensions of 55 x 35 x 25 cm and a smaller bag for a laptop or camera for free. The total weight of the two bags is max. 12 kg. On domestic flights and on European routes to Amsterdam or London, you have allowed to take one checked baggage with max. 23kg. On all other flights is allowed two checked baggages.


Small snacks are free of charge, larger snacks and meals are at a charge.

The entertainment system is installed in each seat individually on Boeing B777 and B787. You can watch movies or listen to music during the flight.

The Southwest offers a wifi connection at a charge of $ 8 per day, then you can watch free live TV or free TV Series options. Movies are available for $5 all day, per device, per movie.

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