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Pre-Christmas vacation in exotic Bali for a great price.

It flies on November 20 and is only on December 3, 2019. The Chinese company Xiamen has prepared favorable airfare prices for Bali. It flies with two stopovers in Amsterdam and Xiamen, where more adventurous characters have plenty of time to explore this city. Below you will also find a hotel tip on the beach at an incredible € 200 per person per stay.

If you’re used to spending your vacation in the shade of a palm tree on the beach, Bali is the right place for you. If you like the sun and love to cool in the crystal-clear waters of the easternmost Indian Ocean, you will love Bali. If you like the staff of the hotel staff, enjoy exotic mixed drinks right in the hotel pool. If you go on trips to the countryside, look at the sunrise on the active volcano and the terraced rice fields as carved from natural documents, you must visit Bali. Surfers will enjoy the great waves. Snorkeling enthusiasts will also enjoy it, as the local sea offers a fabulous interplay of colors and underwater life. In Bali, everyone can find their own.


The air ticket price includes a carry-on baggage with max 5kg (11lbs) and maximum dimensions 115cm/45inches per piece
(length + width + height). Great is, that in ticket price is included checked baggage with maximum dimensions 158cm / 62 inches per piece
(length + width + height) and weight 23kg(50lbs).

In-flight refreshments are served free of charge. There are two kinds of hot meals and several types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


You can stay at Inna Bali Beach Resort, for example

This charming hotel offers a stunning location right on the pretty part of Bali’s beach on Sanur Island. It is surrounded by exotic palm groves. Denpasar with its countless shopping and entertainment facilities is about 7 km away. More about the hotel here.

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