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Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, located in the northern part of the Balkan peninsula. The city extends along the confluence of rivers Danube and Sava. The former capital of Yugoslavia has gradually become a modern metropolis, where more and more tourists come from all over the world.

Still, you can find here a booths with markets all over the city that resemble Balkan culture. The city offers you a wealth of activities and history, which will be enhanced by the Nikola Tesla Museum or the Kalemegdan Fortress. Do not miss a walk along the Danube Promenade or the historic city center.



Dinar / динар or Serbian dinar
sign: din; code: RSD

Weather in Belgrade


Whole year

The city is suitable for tourism all year round, but the best period is from April to November. Most of the time is a nice sunshine with occasional periods of rain and rain. You have the chance to enjoy great weather on discovering the city and the various activities the city has to offer.

Weather in Belgrade

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What to do in Belgrade

Kalemegdan Park

The historic fortress of Kalemegdan is located above the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. Kalemegdan was originally only a fortress, but in the 1980's the 19th century, after extensive changes of the city, it expanded into a park. Now it's Kalemegdan Park.

Cycling around the city

Belgrade is a city full of bike paths with the opportunity to explore and explore the whole city. You can start, for example, in the Park prijateľstva, ride along the bank of the Sava River, through New Belgrade, over the river with the ship to Ada Ciganlija and back along side the bank of Savsko Lake and the Sava River. By the way, you can stop at Ada Ciganlija for a tasty lunch and relax on the shores of a lake that serves as a city beach.


Do not miss the St. Sava Temle and St. Michael's Cathedral.


Serbian markets are famous. You can find everything at their disposal and you can take a lot of money at a great price. You can find the most famous on square Zemunska Pijaca, where you can find the freshest fruit, vegetables, fish, or eggs. Another known is Bajlonijeva Pijaca or popular Kai Yue Group.