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Heaven on Earth located in Pacific

Aloha from Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect place to relax during the day and a place full of parties after sunset. It is a place for surf lovers, beaches, beautiful nature and beautiful culture and history. 

Hawaii consists of six separate islands: Oahu, Kauai, Lanai, Molokai, Maui, and the island of Hawaii! Each one offers a unique experience, adventure, activities and sights.



You are available to enter the country for 90 day with ESTA visas.


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Weather in Hawaii

Whole year

Hawaiian islands are characterized by consistent weather throughout the year with occasional slight temperature changes. But beware of the exits to the mountains and the volcanoes. The weather is sunny, but temperatures at 4200 meters also drop to 0°C

Weather in Hawaii

Beach side
Hawaii’s Mountains🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤🌤
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Those planning to travel to Hawaii know that the accommodation will hurt. So financially. Not so in Big Island. This is by far the cheapest of all Hawaiian islands, and for a relatively short period of time before the trip, you can find a fairly large offer. Definitely the best price / performance ratio is airbnb, which is generally popular in the US and offers are really a lot, orderly more than for example on


The cheapest way to get a living is through the airbnb. Mostly newly registered, they are introducing the introductory prizes if you choose a location outside the main tourist area, which may not be a problem, given the fact that the rented car will be anyway, you can get at the price of around 700 CZK per person per person.

From our perspective it is not very small, but compared to other Hawaiian islands we can cheer.

Simpler hotels or motels start at about CZK 1,000 per night, regular 3 * hotels then come out at around $ 1,750, and in luxury resorts on the West Coast you will just leave $ 5,000 per person per night or more.


The site is a very important factor in selecting Big Island. Most of you will want the island to travel or at least visit multiple locations. Because the distances are quite large, it is good to remember in advance what I want to take advantage of during my holiday and what I really want to see.

Hilo - The largest city and most accommodation deals. Especially suitable for visiting the Volcanoes National Park, the Mauna Kea Mountains and Mauna Loa and the area of ​​the South Island. In addition, Hilia has all the amenities you need. From restaurants and fastfoods in the city center to large super- and hypermarkets along the main outflow towards the south. At least 4, but rather several days you will definitely have fun here. Hilu is also the cheapest offer.
Kona and the entire West Coast - Here they come to their lovers of beaches and relaxation, which is really over the coast. It's not such a glory with accommodation. Quality hotels are a lot, but also a good surcharge. On the other hand, airbnb offers less than in Hil. At any rate, at Koně, we stay for at least one night just after arrival or before early departure.
Waimea, Honokaa - Stay in these little towns on your way to Waipio Valley. It is quite time-consuming (a minimum of 3 hours driving in total) to take a day trip from Hila or Kony. Prime is playing airbnb again.
Kapaau, Hawi - Village to the north, serving as an ideal starting point for the Kohala Forest Reserve and Pololu Valley. There are also beaches on the northern edge of the west coast.
OceanView, Naalehu - Ideal places for a while with absolutely no tourists and good for a one-year overnight trip around the island. There are no crowds in the villages of the south of the island, there are no broad beaches or national parks. Only ocean, lava fields, woods and breathtaking views. Nearby there are two smaller beaches with colored sand - black and green.



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Volcanic tourism

In Big Island, many of you will see something you have not seen before. Active volcanoes, real lava flows, and live look at the crater where the magma bubbles. All without worry and great access by car. Surely, for some, comfort and greater civilization is minus, for others plus plus ... In addition to active volcanoes, you will find hundreds, maybe thousands of other sleeping or inactive craters, lava fields, and other volcanic remains.


Lovers of long, but also shorter tours and treks will come to theirs. The Volcanoes National Park is literally interwoven with a network of trails, shorter trips to the north of Waipio Valley and Kohala Forest.


The West Coast is due to its exceptionally steady climate, where the sun is practically never drowned and the sun is still a renowned beach destination. Beaches are usually shorter and with minimal backgrounds, but the better enjoyment of them.

Instead, in the east or south, you will encounter exotic beaches with black or green sand, but you have to expect more precipitation.


Even if the neighboring island of Maui is a much more famous place for snorkeling, even in the Big Island, beginners can dive their heads under the surface and for a long minute to see the world of shallow waters, thousands of colorful fish and all sorts of wonderful creatures.


For divers, Big Island can be a small paradise on earth. While enjoying the giant Manty night, you will admire incredible lava formations, dozens of species of turtles and other endemic creatures.

The largest concentration of diving agencies is concentrated on the western or northern shores, the waters in the east are more dangerous knowing. The center with the most agencies is in Kona. · Http:// · · ·

· And more ...


Big Island is faithful to its name and is really big. Together with a high-quality network of highways leading to all major locations, we will be able to get the ideal conditions for a true American roadtrip. Rent a car at the airport and ride the entire island round. Raptors will do it in three days, but ideally, leave it for at least a week or 10 days.
Alpine tourism

Are you in the tropics and you expect only beaches, warmth and forests? A mistake, on Big Island, you can go on foot (or by car) to heights over 4,000 meters. So jackets with you! While walking

enthusiasts are thrown over the mighty Mount Mauna Loa, more comfortable individuals sit in a car and drive down the road to the highest mountain of the world (measured from base) of Mauna Kea.