Beijing - London - Paris - Rome

all flights ¥4 786 / 605€


A great opportunity for those who want to travel across Europe. Here’s an offer for a multi-city trip to London, Paris and Rome.

Visit three countries at the cost of one. The ticket price starts at ¥ 4,786 / 605 € on dates in April, when the weather is already good for meeting places.

The trip starts in London, where you will spend full 6 days. In London you should not miss to visit Tower Bridge, Parliament, Buckingham Palace or London Eye. Enjoy genuine English breakfasts or tea at 5 pm in one of the local cafés.

Paris is the city of artists, croissants and romantic streets. The city of breathtaking history fascinates you not only with its charm, but also with its architecture, tastes and delights. Visit the Eifel Tower, go for a walk in the Gardens of Versailles or enjoy the city while cruising with the boat and enjoy romance. Paris offers you its charm and beauty at any time of the year.

Visit Rome and experience the atmosphere, history and culture of the city guarantee that you will come back again. Have a coffee, visit the Colosseum, the Vatican or take a tour of the famous city fountains. This and much more awaits you in the eternal city – Rome. 


During the flight with Aeroflot to London and from Rome to Beijing, you have the option of taking a 55 x 40 x 20 cm hand bag with a maximum weight of 10 kg. A smaller bag for a laptop or a bag or handbag that does not exceed a common size of 80cm and a weight of 5kg. By class you can take with you at least one checked baggage up to the weight of 23kg.

For a flight between London, Paris and Rome, the ticket includes only a hand bag with a maximum weight of 10kg.


On board Aeroflot you will get cold and hot food and refreshments. Depending on the time you get tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Flights with Easyjet and Ryanair offer snacks only for a fee.

Flight Beijing - London

Flight London - Paris

Flight Paris - Rome

Flight Rome - Beijing

You can find the hotel on our site. Click the button below. Prices for all 3 hotels can start from 850 €.

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