Interesting facts about New York


A city that everyone knows, but facts about him you may not have known

  1. Central Park is bigger than states. With an area of 3.5 square miles greater than the Vatican City, or Monaco

  2. The New York Public Library has over 50 million books. If you are a passionate reader, it’s definitely worth a visit.

  3. A city that never sleeps. In most cities, overnight traffic is interrupted, but in New York, the subway operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


4. Monthly rental of one-room apartment costs an average of $ 3400. Compared to such a Greece, where renting a similar apartment is $ 350, it’s a very high amount

5. In New York, there is the world’s largest reserve of gold, which is safely stored about 30 meters underground in the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). It is more than 7000 tons, which means about 5% of the world’s reserves.

6. The road to work seems endless. The average travel time to work for a regular New Yorker is about 40 minutes.


7. The Statue of Liberty was a gift. The United States has donated it to the French in 1886. It is currently visited by millions of people a year.

8. The first European immigrants were Dutch. The city until 1898 was known as New Amsterdam.

9. Yellow taxis. Their color is no coincidence. John Hertz, the founder of a car rental company, is responsible for choosing this color, knowing that yellow is the easiest to recognize, which is particularly important for taxis.

New York street

10. The city is one of the most densely populated cities. Approximately 10,000 people live on one square kilometer.

11. Do you know any of New York’s nicknames? The city has over 100. The most famous is the “Big Apple”

12. The Brooklyn Bridge is older than Tower Bridge in London. The bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn is over 11 years old.

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