NEW YORK from New Delhi.

return from 568$


Cheap flights with China Southern and two checked baggage for just 568$

Visit New York City, one of the most famous cities in the United States. Just imagine that you walk and shop on 5th Avenue, ride a bike in Central Park, take a tour to Madison Square Garden, walk through Battery Park or just sail on the river and enjoy panorama of the city. Whole wide world in one city. Book now while prices are very low. The dates are in March. Below is a 10-day trip, which is enough time to get to know this amazing city.


On board you can take one hand baggage with a maximum of 115cm and max. 5kg. Checked baggage you can take two with maximum dimensions of 158cm each and 23kg each.

During the flight, you can watch movies, TV shows, or play games on the entertainment system that is built into each seat.

Refreshments or hot meals on long lines will always be free.

We can recommend Washington Jefferson at Times Square, which a great location close to subway and located directly in Manhattan

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